Marketing and PR

What makes good marketing?

When creating marketing it is important to know your audience in order to create the best piece of marketing you can. The way you find out your target audience is to conduct audience demographics, these usually involve age, social class, and gender. This is a vital part of creating a good piece of marketing as it allows you to get the most out of the money you invest into the project.  This is a list of the elements needed to identify the audience:

Consumer Demographics examples
consumer demographics - age Age
consumer demographics - gender Gender
consumer demographics - occupation Occupation
consumer demographics - household income Household Income
consumer demographics - marital status Marital Status
consumer demographics - presence of children Presence of children in the household
consumer demogrpahics - home value Home Value
consumer demographics - geographic regions Geographic Region(s)

Finding out this information about the audience will allow for things such as, entry price, interests and cultural influences which would be important elements if you were planning an art show as it will make sure the content is relevant to the audience.

Another thing needed to make good marketing is to consider collaborating with other companies. This will mean that there is already an audience present. For example you could be having a sporting event and have a brand such as the sporting brand “Nike” join forces. This allows the existing Nike audience to be attracted to the event.

Photographer Atiba Jefferson did exactly that, Atiba teamed up with sports brand “Oakley” to have a photo show in Los Angeles.

Atiba Jefferson is known as being a skate photographer and also known for photographing sporting icons such as Micheal Jordan and Tony Hawk. As Oakley is a brand that sponsors athletes from sports such as skateboarding and basketball, the content of the his exhibition already fitted the audience that Oakley would attract. Los Angeles is also known for having a big skate scene and with the exhibition titles “My Los Angeles” the audience is going to be people with an interest in skateboarding and the LA culture. The collaboration between Atiba Jefferson and Oakley was a smart marketing move to make as the content fitted for what both companies/people represent.

My Obstacles:

When trying to promote my own work which consists of photography I face a number of obstacles. Firstly theres the obstacles of remaining integral yet creating and sharing work that people will be able to relate to and enjoy. To overcome this obstacle when promoting I will emphasise the purpose behind the photos which in this situation is to show The City of Chester through my eyes. Another obstacle to get over is whether the quality of my work is worthy of being in an exhibition and worthy of being marketed. Right now I produce photos that I only deem being okay so to other people they may not be “okay”. To overcome this I should ask for a second and third opinion of people that understand art and photography, this way it allows the best work to be displayed, leaving out work that may not hit a note with some people. Budget will also be an obstacle as to print photos to display it will cost as I will need to possible try different paper and ink types before I like the final result. A way to overcome this issue is to do it on a small scale first, therefore keeping the cost as low as possible. I will face competition during the project as other students may be displaying photographic pieces. To deal with this I will need to ensure that my pieces are unique and are moments that can’t be recreated and also fit with my theme. I will also aim to keep quality as high as possible so when in a comparison with the completion the only thing that will hinder me will be subjective opinions which I can accept and work from. Finally while using social media to market there will be an issue with it not reaching a wide enough and big enough audience. To not face this problem the social media marketing will need to be shared on a number of peoples social media account to allow it to reach a wide and substantial audience.

My Strategy:

For my end of year exhibition I will be displaying between 10-15 photos of The City of Chester through my eyes. In order to generate an audience for this project I will have to utilise social media and print advertising in order to attract people to the exhibition.

Firstly I will need to create a Twitter and Facebook page explaining that there will be a gallery of my photographs in print form at the college exhibition. On the pages I will include a little bio explaining about me, my ideas and my inspirations within photography. I will also include a link to my website and my instagram page so people can see examples of my photos and have an idea of what to expect. The social media audience ideally needs to be people in and around the Chester area. To ensure it reaches them people I would include hashtags of the area and get people i know live in that area and have the audience already there to share the pages.

Here is an example of how id like the pages to look:

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 13.20.31 Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 13.21.04


I would also like to a printed form of promotion. For this I will print small images of mine and write details of the exhibition on the back to inform people about the event and give them an idea of what to expect from it. I would then leave the prints around college and in the Chester and Ellesmere Port area to attract the correct demographic.

Part of the research for my exhibition has involved me visiting galleries and taking an interest in art presentation. This has helped me narrow down the different ways of displaying images. Ideally I would like to have them frames as that is the look that appeals to me and is the conservative look of galleries. Due to costs and budget, I will have to have the images printed onto foam board and stuff directly to the wall.

My key objective and aim for my exhibition is to show the audience my perspective of Chester. I want the photos to make people slow down while walking through the city and notice elements that they might not usually notice. Thats what the exhibition is about for me, not about making money but making people notice the things that aren’t usually noticed and maybe inspire them to go out and shoot photos to then show the world their world just like I am doing.


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