How design has changed.

Our beliefs are influenced by design.

Mechanical: All design is produced by technology.

Development is inseparable from technologies development.

Johann Gutenberg invented most of the features of typography that exist today.

The first world war: Mass printing, books, leaflets and posters for propaganda and revolutionary material.

Commerce: As attitudes changed towards printing and design, more people were buying books, leaflets etc.

Typography developed due to print houses developing their own branding through typeface design.

Standardisation: It has benefits, measurements, ingredients, terminology, process, all aspects of mass production.

Form vs Function: 

William Addison Dwiggins. The father of the term graphic designer. in 1922 he said ” In the matter of layout, forget art at the start and use horse-sense. The printing-designers’ whole duty is to make a clear presentation of the message.”

Theres a tension in design. On side is for the client and the other side is for the artist and art of exploration.

Francis Meynell. British poet and printer.

Dwiggins’ ideas about design are concerned with predictable results.

Meynell emphasises the poetic and aesthetic content of design.

The artist side in design is there is no client and it is all about experimenting and exploration.

The artisan, you have to be able to create work that will be used and sold in order to make money.

Form follows function. The function is to inform people but the form is about the way you present it. It is the artists impression of how they want to display the information.

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