Report for working freelance

My role at Vice will be that of a Photojournalist. This will involve me documenting the world around me through photographs, which can feature along side the corresponding news article. This could include documenting things such as sport, war, poverty, protests and riots.

For this position as a Photojournalist I will need a variety of things if I am to do this job. Firstly you will need to provide me with a “Professional International Membership Press Pass” which you can obtain from this pass will allow me to practice journalism is all situations, such as at situations where photography isn’t allowed but a press pass will bypass that rule. I will need a number of camera bodies and lenses to allow me the best opportunity to document a story. Two Canon 5D MK3 bodies and a Set of Canon L lenses would allow me to document the best I can. I will also need a Macbook to allow me to have a consistent work flow which will include photo editing software, extra storage and high speed internet to allow files to send back to the office quickly and smoothly ready to be put into an article. I will need the cost of being registered self employed covered to allow me to legally accept a wage. That can be done here It’s important that HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) know that I am self-employed. If I didn’t, I may have to pay a penalty. A way of travel will need to be arrange prior to being given an assignment to allow me to travel to a location with out financial issues leading to missing a story due to no travel funds.

There are 39,750 people employed in 8,000 businesses in four sub-sectors in the UK. Around 7,500 web and internet companies, around 500 offline multimedia companies, around 40 companies specialising in mobile content and a growing number of interactive TV companies. As I would represent one of them number as an employer to Vice I will express my professionalism throughout my career. To me this means remaining impartial. I wouldn’t turn up at a scene with any premeditated thoughts about an individual or individuals, as without a full story I have no right to think in that way. I will document the story as it is in front of me. Which means no staged shots that could benefit me or the company. The standard of photography and work flow will remain professional at all times. This means that If you need a larger file for example I will provide that. I won’t remove or add object to a scene, cropping an image will be the most anything of that sort would exist, but personally I don’t tend to crop images so there shouldn’t be any issues with that.

My role as a photojournalist will need to follow various health and safety agreements, these  are: PPE (Personal Protective Equipment ) should be supplied by the company, this could include a Respirator mask if I was to cover a protest as things such as tear gas can be used. a flack jacket will be need if I were to cover war to protect me from possible danger such as bullets.

If there is an accident or incident which I am involved in the Producer must ensure that it is reported and investigated in line with Vice safety requirements.

Certain situations have to be reported to HSE. When members of the public have been injured as a result of the work being carried out you will need to report this too.Violent incidents should be reported just as any other hazardous incident at work.

Although I would only be freelance for Vice you will need to treat me with the same Health and Safety regulation that are enforced on your permanent employers.

The type of contract I could work under is:

A fixed term contract, you would give me the contract knowing that the contract will terminate at a future date when a specific ‘term’ expires. This could be after i’ve completed a specific project for you. Such as covering a protest. It could also end if I was covering for someone who is sick or on maternity leave, so once that individual has returned the contract term would terminate. While on a Fixed term contract this is the type of brief I would work on. cooperative brief is a term that refers to the combining of requirements of two or more people. In my case this could mean that I work along side a writer and they direct me into the direction of photograph they want for the article they are writing.

While on a fixed term contract (FTC) it should state the date my contract is expected to end and the reason it is for a fixed-term period. FTC’s are covered by their own legislation called the Fixed-Term Employees (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002. These regulations allow me to experience the same treatment as a full time employee would receive, so this would include things such as; holiday entitlements, sick pay and training. While on the FTC you  at Vice are under no legal obligation to offer me the same job if it is made permanent; you must give me access to apply for permanent vacancies though.

To maintain myself financially I will consider such things as bank loans, saving accounts and an accountant. Bank loans could be used to start the business off, this would involve going to a meeting with the bank an presenting a business plan to them explaining why you need the money and how you expect to pay it back. A loan could also be used to buy certain equipment, for example  if a lens is needed to cover a specific thing you could present to the bank that the money made from covering the event will over weight the bank loan and will be easily refunded once the pay cheque comes in from the project. While working freelance it is important to take into account that there may be times when there is no work available. To ensure that you have money for those times a savings account should be set up to have a reserve of money to cover thing such as bills if there is no other work to cover the costs. While working freelance you will need to manage your own tax or have an accountant do it for you. As a freelancer your first £5,000 is tax free so tax only applies to money earned that goes over £5,000. An accountant can work out the tax you owe and can also claim tax back on business related products.

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