FMP – Abandoned buildings and places

My chosen theme is abandoned buildings and places around the Cheshire area. They are buildings and places that have been vacated and usually left vacant. There is around 150 know abandoned places in Cheshire alone and around 650 in the United Kingdom.

The reason I want to give this topic a voice is due to societies view on them. People see abandoned places as being obstructions in landscapes and being a waste of land and building space.

I want to to this project in photography form because I am a passionate photographer and passionate about photography. The whole topic of photography interests and inspires me in many ways such as learning new things and perspectives through images.

Here is my website with examples of my photographs on:


Abandoned buildings and places

My chosen theme is abandoned buildings and places around the Cheshire area. They are buildings and places that have been vacated and usually left vacant. There is around 150 know abandoned places in Cheshire alone and around 650 in the United Kingdom.

The reason I want to give this topic a voice is due to societies view on them. People see abandoned places as being obstructions in landscapes and being a waste of land and building space. To me they are fascinating, the way one day a building can be full of life then suddenly, no life at all. I want to put humanity back into these places and show that there is beauty in these places. These places once served a purpose, whether it be a business, housing or travel. They once played an important role in society and very much had a voice, now they are voiceless. I aim to put life and a voice back into these places through photographs. I want to produce a photographic book of around 40-50 images of abandoned places, showing that in the mundane there is beauty. To me these structures have such a purpose about them, they are marks in history. Just like a photograph preserves a memory and records the information of what it sees, these buildings are preserved in that same way. Life hasn’t touched them for some time, often since their last use. That means that what you see is what it was like when it was in use. They are preserved often as if time stood still, also like a camera is similar to a mini time machine, able to stop time, these places have that same effect, they are a record of what once was.

My target audience for my theme are both male and females. They are likely to have an interest in photography and urban exploration; which is the process of exploring urban places, that are often abandoned. The reason it is targeted towards that audience is due to the photographic nature of the theme and the subject matter. Another audience I hope to target with my theme is audience members that object to abandoned places existing. The reason why I would like to target that group of people is because the whole idea of the theme is to show that these places serve a purpose to certain individuals, like myself. To me they’re places of beauty and fascination. They are a time capsule to life and a medium for seeing things for how they once were. I hope to give this perspective to my audience so they go away feeling refreshed on these places and able to form a different perspective from the one they had.

The form I want to pursue this theme in is through photographs displayed in a book/magazine. I want to start off with a introduction to abandoned places in writing and then continue the book/magazine with a series of 40-50 images of abandoned and disused places that I will have taken throughout the project. These images will be in colour and black and white. I want them to just have a caption and no other additional writing as I want the images to tell the story of these places rather than any words I have written, despite the introduction.

My original idea for my final major project was to do a photographic series documenting a hospice. I wanted to create a document of the people that are terminally ill and the people caring for them. The reason I wanted to do this was because I wanted to create an archive of these people that said these people existed and this is them because its only once these moment pass that you wish you had a document of it. The reason I didn’t go with this theme in the end was due to the personal nature of it. I believe there would be a lot of misunderstanding to get through and authority to get the access id need to create the document I would be happy with. It’s the type of project that requires a lot of time. The patients might not trust me at first and same with the staff. I would need to spend a lot of time for them to build trust with me and for them to understand that what I would be doing isn’t to humiliate them in anyway but instead to make a mark in history that they existed.


I want to produce a photo book or magazine for the project. These are examples of how id like the photos to look:


3507230202_2f7ddd0f23_o10655866433_73df5f3964_b-640x25011152537733_f43f5a35f6_zChâteau MirandaUrbex___Castle_of_Bonnelles_by_ToinoulpsUrbex___Desurmont_Floor_by_ToinoulpsUrbex-1-2


This website can be used to locate abandoned places:

Screen shot from 28 days later.

Screen shot from 28 days later.

A map marked with local abandoned places:

Chester urbex Untitled-1

Action Plan:

My plan to do now until the end of the project is to always be on the look out for abandoned places and photograph them. Right now I have a few locations in mind but I don’t want to put a cap on the number of places i’m going to photograph. That way if i see a location that isn’t on my map I can still photograph it as a don’t have a limit of places. That way I remain open to new images that could potential make my project a much more meaningful piece of work.

Page layout ideas:

With my layout I want the photographs to have pride of place. This is so they can be seen in their simple form with no text to manipulate any thoughts that you may have when looking at the image. That is so opinions you have towards abandoned buildings are forged though the images. The only text I want is an introduction to the project on the first page then from there the images do the talking (hopefully).

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.51.52

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.14.36


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.17.02


FMP design ideas


FMP design idea 2 FMP design idea 4 FMP design ideas 7


Target Audience:

The target audience for my photo series is towards people that have an interest in urban exploration. “Urban exploration (often shortened as urbex or UE) is the exploration of man-made structures, usually abandoned ruins or not usually seen components of the man-made environment. Photography and historical interest/documentation are heavily featured in the hobby and, although it may sometimes involve trespassing onto private property, this is not always the case and is of innocent intention.

The process of getting the photos for the project:

To get the photos for this project I had to use local knowledge and forums to find locations of abandoned buildings. Once I located the places I waited for a quiet day to go and explore, this allowed me to have more freedom with my movements around the places. I used a variety of photography techniques to get the photos, from landscape and close ups. I then used Lightroom to edit photos into black and white and colour images. The reason why some photos are black and white and some colour is because with the black and white images there is no colour to distract you so your eye is immediately drawn to the abandoned subject rather than the colour. Where as with the colour photos they allow your eye to wander around the image more and pick up on all the elements of the subject.


My project was initially going to be abandoned places in the Cheshire area and I had a few locations lined up to visit. While doing the project early on I realised that it wasn’t going to be realistic for me to visit all the locations I had listed in Cheshire. This was due to having work, weather and travel situations. To solve this problem I didn’t set the limit of only shooting photos in Cheshire. I didn’t want to be n a situation outside Cheshire where there was a photo that would be suitable for the project but I would refuse to take it as it wasn’t within Cheshire, because of this there is a photo in the magazine that was taken in Llandudno, Wales.

The strengths of my final piece I believe are the number of photos and the variety of them. They all feature a different seen with various locations, in colour and black and white. I also think I achieved the goal which as to give the places a voice again. I thin  achieved this as I noticed the places and documented them and now other people will see the places once they view the project the audience should hopefully start to notice and appreciate abandoned places.

Weaknesses of the project are the quality of the photos, I would have liked to have taken more photos of locations to give me a broader selection to edit, that way it would be the very best I could make it. A weakness is also the number of locations, id have liked to have visited a lot more which would also improve the quality of the final piece as id have more choice to edit and feature.



Google Images



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