What makes a good documentary?

The audience must have a connection to the film.

Audience must find it interesting to allow them to watch the entire film.

The story must be found. The point of the documentary must be clear.

The film maker must remain open to allow all side of the story.

The film must be well edited.

A good documentary raises more questions than answers.

Still shots used between scenes to complete the story.

The film tells the truth although the people in the film don’t tell the truth.

Live action shots. Being on location.


Trevor McDonald on Death Row.

Questions that are asked to remain impartial:

Whats it like when one of your friends ha to go and get executed?

Do you like any of these people?



Does it raise more questions than answers?

Yes. Why do some people get put on death row then taken off it?

What level of crime is required to be put on death row?


Do you have an emotional tie to the film?  

Yes. It humanises the criminals and you see them on a personal level. They have likeable traits yet they have a hidden past with some what deformed values such as crime can be an answer.

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