Pocahontas, imperialism analyse


Workers and fighters are western. “You can’t fight indians without John Smith”

Freedom, Opportunity, New World – America

“Get a pile of gold, build a big house and if any indian tried to stop me ill blast them” This is a Western solider moving to America, it suggests that america has it all to offer and are superior as they can “blast” anyone that tries to stop them.

Pocahontas says “my dream” suggesting the american dream.

Organised marriage, not compulsory in America.

“A new world full of gold” – The fruits of American life

“Do you think we will meet some savages?” Describes the natives at savages.

“Consuming everything in their path”

“We shall show these people how to use this land properly. We will build roads and buildings” “we’ve been  showing savages how to do this for ages”


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