The pre-production process for a Radio show and News story.

When planning a radio show you should consider these pre-production methods: ideas and creative input, content, people and skills, equipment, locations, time, money.

Ideas and creative input are very important in the pre production of a radio show. You firstly need to consider various ideas for the show depending on what type of radio show it will be, whether its sports, music, factual or any other type of radio the basis of having good ideas to start with is very important. Ideas can vary from the way you set out your show. You could have guests to interview, a live band, commercials to fit in, food and drink  and the right team crew. Along with the ideas there has to be a creative input to back the ideas. There would have to be a number of questions to ask during an interview so this would require someone to select and create a plan of the questions to ask the guests. If you were to have a live band it would need a creative input for things such as the studio layout and the clothes the band will wear. This is an important  process in pre production as you have to consider the fact that the band could be filmed so the production of it is highly important to the image of the radio station and the band. A lot of radio stations have  commercial breaks so finding time to fit these in is important, this must be planned in advance in order to be sure that all the commercials can be fitted into the required time. If you are having guests such as people to interview and a band you will need food and drink, you will have to pre-arrange someone to cook and prepare all the food and drink required.

When planning the pre production for content of the show you have to consider the things you will be broadcasting. Is it appropriate for the time of day, who is the target audience, if you have an interview the questions have to be selected for those people you will be interviewing. Having appropriate content for the time of day is a very serious thing to plan, if the content has swear words in or explicit content before the watershed, the radio show could be suspended or taken off air completely. Target audience is a massive part of pre-production planning. If this part is ignored it could massively effect the viewing numbers of the radio show which would therefore mean it would have to stop producing any content. An example of this would be playing rock music on a radio station such as ‘Classic FM’. People tune into such radio shows expecting a certain content so if that content was to change it could potentially ruin the future of the radio show. When you have a guest or guests to interview selecting the correct content to use on them could mean the difference between a successful interview and an unsuccessful interview. For example having the wrong types of questions for the guests would completely ruin the interview, they would have a limited amount to say in response if they weren’t very planned out questions.

People and skills needs to be planned in pre-production. When your radio show is focusing on certain parts such as interviews and live bands, you need to plan to have the correct people with the correct skills to be working on it. If yo were doing an interview the person should be experience in interview techniques or interviewing people, without these skills the interview wouldn’t be a success. Time frames could be breached therefore running over into commercial breaks and other parts of the show that need to be fitted in. Another problem would just be their whole approach toward the guest, they might not consider having sympathy toward the guest and continue to ask questions which are upsetting the guest because they have no other content to ask them. When having a I’ve band as guests they might want their performance recorded so having the correct people with the correct skills to record their performance. If the performance is recorded to a poor standard it could put the band of returning to radio show and it could have a lasting effect of putting future guests off due to poor recording.

Equipment needs to be planned in pre-production in order to have the radio show go how it is meant to. Firstly the equipment should be in safe and working condition. There will be a list of the standard equipment used on a normal radio show, this will need to be set up ready for broadcasting. You need to look at the upcoming event on the show to decide what other equipment will be needed. There might be an interview that need recording for the internet audiences so in this situation additional equipment will need to be used such as cameras and internet connections.

Part of pre-production is to plan a location for a radio show. The show would usually be broadcasted from a set location which would be the main studio. In some cases radio shows are broadcasted from an external location such as a music festival. In these situations you will have to get permission off the land owner, you will need to inform the people of the festival that there will be live broadcasting. An example of this would be “Radio 1s Big Weekend” Where they had to broadcast the music festival to a radio audience.

For all of the pre production you will have to consider time. Time needs to be used carefully in order not to go over any deadlines there might be. It allows you to work on planning with a time frame in mind. This will enable the deadlines to be kept, therefore production should go smoothly if the projects are done in the time set. Things such as interviews will have a time frame in mind in order for them to fit in any other parts of the show that need to be fitted in.

Money is a huge part of pre production. You will always have to work to a set budget, try and include everything you want into a certain amount. This process plays a massive part in the radio show making money. If the budget is to large, then profits won’t be made. This could mean that the radio show has to abandon all future shows due to costs.

When planning a TV news story you should consider these pre-production methods: ideas and creative input, content, people and skills, equipment, locations, time, money.

The ideas and creative input for a news story is a vital part to a good production of a news story. You could get a news story put into the studio just an hour before its due to air. This would mean that people will have to be creative and have ideas in a short space of time in order to air the news story as successful as its possible. They will have to consider imagery and video footage to support the story along with a story to present to camera.

The content for a news story is important to get right. There could be a story reporting war which needs to air before the watershed. The content will have to be carefully selected in order to get the right story across with a powerful message to whats really going on but have the audiences sensitivity in mind. The content also has to be factual and give balanced views on the situation.

People and skills have to be used correctly with a news story. Basically this is having the correct people doing the job they have the skills to do. or example it wouldn’t be sensible to have a weather presenter present a news story. Using the correct people and skills will allow the production to go as successful as possible.

The equipment for a news story usually stays as a constant as it is set in the studio. This would involve things such as: Cameras, Auto cue, microphones, computers and recording equipment. This equipment would usually be heavy duty, specifically for studio work. If a news story was being presented from a different location the equipment used would have to be selected fit for the purpose.
News stories are not always presented from the studio. When presenting one from a different location you have to consider things such as: Consent from the people that could be filmed, a suitable location, the right crew and the correct equipment. The equipment is an important part as it will decide how well the story/stories will be presented. Part of the pre production for equipment would be looking at the safety features you might need on the location. If it was a war zone a bullet proof jacket and a helmet would be issued.
Everything would have to be done in a time frame. Stories can either come in weeks before they’re dues to air or even hours. The production team will have a time limit to produce the stories ready to air. They also have to consider the time the story will last in order to fit all the stories into the same show.
Money will have a big roll when production News. Each story will have a budget based on its importance to the public. An example of this would be if a puppy was born a strange colour. The public don’t really need to know these things but they fill gaps on the news when there isn’t any priorities stories left to show. They will be done on a very low budget as they don’t have a very high chance of being aired. A story with huge importance such as a war story will have a large budget in order to get the most information about the story. They will be journalist, presenters, production crews and more put in the places where the stories are happening. Although this process could go over budget, their overkill approach should pay off if they get the stories people want to hear and buy.

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