Traveller research log

The brief is to create and write a travel article for The Lonely Planet magazine. This will include a front page and a double page spread.  

Analyse of The Lonely Planet magazine:  

Norway House style: Different use of fonts and colours, large and lots of images, map of places to visit, where to stay and where to eat, your trip mapped out. The audience for this magazine would be people who enjoy travelling. They will enjoy photography, site seeing, culture. You will have to have a lot of disposable income to travel here so a rich person. The tone is informative, relaxed, descriptive.

Thailand House style: Different use of fonts and colours, large and lots of images, map of places to visit, where to stay and where to eat, your trip mapped out, miles travelled on your trip. Tone: informal, informative, relaxed, descriptive. The audience: A young traveller who want to have an active travel doing activities such as kayaking, climbing and hiking. Also they might be in a relationship as thailand is often considered a paradise so you’d want to share that  experience with a loved one. China House style: Different use of fonts and colours, large and lots of images, map of places to visit, where to stay and where to eat, your trip mapped out, miles travelled on your trip. Tone: Informal, informative, descriptive and relaxed. Audience: A traveller that enjoys different cultures and trying new types of food. They’d have to enjoy the city and the country side.

Queensland House style: Different use of fonts and colours, large and lots of images, map of places to visit, where to stay and where to eat, your trip mapped out, miles travelled on your trip, best for. Tone: Informal, informative, descriptive and relaxed. Audience: Backpackers, surfers, photographers, wildlife enthusiasts, climbers, sightseers, divers and food lovers.

My opinion of lonely planet is that its informative for people looking to travel to these destinations. I like the way it informs you on things to do, costs and the best way to do them. The images they use are really inspiring, makes me want to book a trip straight away. Their use of having the images overpower the text is effective as its that cliche of a photo speaking 1000 words.

Short list of destinations I could write about:

New York City: I think New York City would be a good destination to write about as its so different. The buildings are on another level to the buildings in Europe, with their size spanning hundreds of metres upwards. Its  unique with the Manhattan streets set out in a grid format. The people are so diverse, having many different nations living side by side.

Ericeira, Portugal: Ericeira is a great place to travel to in Portugal as you have the traditional Portugal to see which can involve eating Portuguese dishes such as grilled sardines or you could enjoy the traditional architecture. If that isn’t what t you want then the coastline is amazing with a choice of surf beaches with big waves or quiet beaches for relaxing and swimming.

Montpellier, France: In this part of France you get to experience the real France with fine food and wine and the traditional European architecture, all within a few miles of the coast. Then in May for 6 days FISE extreme sports contest comes to town where you have global and local professionals competing. This event is great for tourism as its a unique event which only happens in a few other countries apart from France.

Techniques for travel journalism: I will need to include a Best For category as i am writing for The Lonely Planet magazine. This will be a place recommended then summed up what it would be best for such as Empire State Building is best for 360 degree views of the city. Tips for travel writing. Important tips: Write in first person or past tense, quotes from people there or have been there, avoid cliches, don’t use words you wouldn’t say in a conversation. Good tips for creating good travel writing.

New York city attractions: attractions in New York City The Empire State Building, best for city views. Empire State facts. Facts about the building. peoples thoughts about the ESB.

SoHo: SoHo NYC a guide to SoHo, things to do. SoHo best for restaurants. Restaurants in SoHo. Fanelli’s Cafe. American food. Best for burgers.

Greenwhich village: Best for bars. About Greenwhich Village, NYC. Things to do in Greenwich Village NYC. Zinc bar. Donna Lewis, Jazz singer. 13 bar. the menu to bar 13. Music events Blue Note bar. about Blue Note.

NY subway: NYC subway, you can use the subway to travel to attractions and experience the real New York experience. Best for getting around cheaply.

Times square: Time square is best for broadway shows, music, comedy and other events.

Central Park: Central park best for walking.

The history of NYC skyline: Brief history about NYC sky scrapers. NY skyscraper history and building heights. Rockefeller centre, best for history of skyscrapers.

Ground zero:



Primary research:

For my primary research I am going to conduct an interview on Josh Warrenger about his opinion about New York. Questions:

When did you go to New York? 2007

How long did you stay in the city? 5 days

What was your fist impression of the city? everything was huge, very tall buildings and such an atmosphere that was alive.

What was your favourite thing you did during your stay? going to the docks. there was a good shopping centre there with a huge glass roof.

Did you visit The Empire State Building? Yes, it was so good. The world opens up to you, I loved it.

Your trip mapped out:

city-of-new-york-city-minimap copy


02 Images to use: 13498008354_03c3ff01fa_b 13150141233_9436db4238_b 12624496734_5eb1ab645b_b 12624043455_a56ca11d02_b 12775531543_4a3d5fba46_b12600150584_ab8319bc35_bDrafts:

Best for.

Greenwhich village, Best for bars.

They arrived in the village just as the sun was going down. The streets were coated with soft orange and yellow tones, with subtle shadows.  The atmosphere was alive with gentle chatter and the sounds of engines idling. Visitors to New York describe the atmosphere as being “alive” and Greenwhich Village is no exception. They were in the West area of the village at a bar called Zinc. They ordered two beers while listening to the sweet sound of Jazz. Zinc had a Jazz performer on that night, she was called Donna Lewis, a Jazz singer originally from Wales, UK. Her voice travelled throughout the entire bar and out onto the streets as they opened the doors to continue their bar quest. They headed east, by now the sun had vanished for the night. The stars twinkled in the blackness of the night sky. They approached 13, a bar located on East 13th street. There were mixed aromas leaving the bar, a mixture of beer, garlic and spice. At this point they were getting hungry, they entered the bar and got a table. They scanned over the menu, there was a vast selection of food to choose from, a range of pasta dishes to pies. One ordered four cheese macaroni and the other ordered Spanish chicken pot pie. The food arrived moments later. They ate their meals to the sound of live reggae music. Their food was vibrant and artistic in its appearance, both displayed on beautiful hand crafted plates, garnished with luscious green salad with a touch of red coming from tomatoes and peppers. After their meal they departed 13 with their bodies full of food and energy and continued west. They approached the Blue Note jazz bar on West 3rd Street. As they got closer what was once a haze of light in a window appeared to be people, lots of people. The atmosphere was alive with the sounds of Saxophones and alive with life. The place was full of history dating from 1981. Pictures hung displaying generations that have passed through the bar on their quest of life. Greenwhich Village echoed life and soul.


Best for:

City views Empire State Building.

It was early morning and the sun was awakening from its bed over The Atlantic. The streets were starting be come alive as the orange light ventured through the city and onto the ground giving everywhere an orange glow. They were heading to the Empire State building, the 443 metre tower of glass and concrete which stood on 5th Avenue. It was a short walk to the Empire State building for them, passing through 7th and 6th Avenue. As they walked their eyes continued to be transfixed upward, almost as if the buildings had hypnotic abilities. The look of astonishment as they soaked in the height of the buildings showed in their eyes and body language. Their eyes were glowing, not because to the rising sun, but because of passion and love as they appreciated the City’s extraordinary architecture. The New York engineering made them few of words as they edge closer to the entrance to The Empire State Building (ESB). They entered and began to travel upwards after paying the entrance fee of $27 each. This fee takes you to the first observation deck on the 86th floor, which sits 336 metres above the lives of New Yorkers. The summit was getting closer as they entered the lift destined upwards. The lift began to move on its journey upwards. They arrived at the 86th floor, greeted by workers “hello and welcome to The Empire State Building!” The pair had only their toes out the door to the observation deck and the world appeared to open up. They were confronted with 360 degree views of New York City and its surrounding districts. Greenwhich Village, Brooklyn, New Jersey were all being illuminated by the rising sun. They peered downwards, people materialising as ants and cars took the appearance of train track models. The Hudson River on the West side of New York was glittering as the light bounced off its ripples created by the wake of ferries and boats. The sounds of camera shutters and gasps filled the air. It was time to go, as they entered the lift another staff member remarked “Thank you for visiting The Empire State Building, have a nice day.” The lift descended and all was quiet, The Empire State had taken their voices.

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