Jeremy Clarkson’s presentation techniques.

imageJeremy Clarkson has been a television presenter since 1988 when he started on the TV show Top Gear, which he is most well known for. Jeremy trained as a journalist, In 1984, Clarkson formed the Motoring Press Agency where he conducted road tests for newspapers and magazines. This led to him becoming a Top Gear presenter for the BBC. Jeremy Clarkson is best known for his humorous and opinionated presentation style.

During his time on Top Gear the show has received a number of complaints due to the style of Jeremy’s presenting. Complaints range from sources such as, the media, political figures and the public. These complaints arise due to several reasons. Jeremy has a very different style to other BBC presenters and even his co-presenters. Jeremy expresses his opinion in a humorous way to try and connect the audience. He is very controversial in his style, almost arrogant. An example of this is when he received complaints after making a comment about lorry drivers, Jeremy said “Change gear, change gear, change gear, check mirror, murder a prostitute, change gear, change gear, murder.  That’s a lot of effort in a day.” This comment says a lot about his presenting techniques, it supports his opinionated personality. He uses repetition to support his point. He says it in a very stressful moment of the show where he is struggling with a lorry yet he still feels the need to make such a comment. Here is the clip of the comment:

The reason he feels the need to make controversial comments is because he has developed this presenting style through doing this and has gathered a unique audience through this. People choose to watch Jeremy because they expect to hear his opinions expressed with a sense of humour. Jeremy is not always controversial though, he displays a lot of passion through his work. He expresses his passion of cars and locations in different ways. He uses metaphors to exaggerate the parts of cars, he says “look at the exhaust pipe, its the same width as the channel tunnel” this creates a very visual experience for the viewer. He uses a language that isn’t pretentious, its very much the language that the average person uses and can relate to. Using this language allows the viewer to feel engaged, they can fully understand what he is talking about. Its not just Jeremy’s words that entice the viewer, his over all appearance can engage the audience. He dresses very ‘normal’ for his age, he knows he hasn’t got super model looks and the audience value this, it means they don’t feel threatened by his appearance. He is also very much a ‘mans, man’, although many fans are women the majority are men, this could be because of the stereotype that men like cars more than women but I think the main reason is down to Jeremy. His loud manner can be off putting and also his childish behaviour. He shows a clear love for his work, especially when testing cars, his enthusiasm shines through as he presents, he talks very quickly and loud, as he is in the moment and wants to express all he is thinking at the time. He makes large movements while making points to express further passion and opinion. An example of this is here:

Jeremy can be very sarcastic when presenting, this adds humour and makes the scene shown engaging as the points he describes don’t usually match the images accurately. Here is an example of Jeremy’s sarcastic sense of humour:

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