The Holocaust and Holocaust denial.

As time goes on history becomes more distant and the truth becomes harder to discover. Factual stories have become opinions as they are passed around. Because of this people become unsure about what is and what isn’t the truth. They create their own version of the truth. An example of this is The Holocaust. The Holocaust was part of Hitlers “Final Solution” It involved the mass extermination of The Jews, Russians, Polish, mentally ill people, disabled people, homosexuals, transexuals and Gypsies. It is estimated that around 12,270,000 people were killed as a result of this extermination conducted by the Schutzstaffel division of Nazis otherwise known as The SS. The death count is gathered from the death records Nazis kept to report to Hitler about the progress of the “Final Solution”. The reason Hitler wanted a mass extermination was to give people a focus point to why Germany has been failing. Hyperinflation occurred in 1923 after the struggle to pay back debt after World War 1. Money was almost worthless and the German population struggled to survive, a loaf of bread cost 200 billion marks. Hitler felt as if he had failed his German people so the blame was put on the non German race such as Russians and Jews who populated Germany. Jews were largely blamed as there were Jewish politicians who signed the Treaty of Versailles which was a peace treaty between Germany and its Allies. After this Hitlers plan was to rid Europe of these people in an attempt to win back the German people and create a master race.

It all seems very plausible that this was the case as there are death camps around with evidence that links to mass murder. There are death records, confessions off Nazis,  photographs and stories from victims. But there are many people that deny that the Holocaust ever happened. They believe the Holocaust is part of a conspiracy set up by the Jews to advance the interest and popularity of The Jews. They believe that the death of all the people occurred due to the implications of the war, just simply caught up in it. They were not persecuted it was just coincidence that the numbers of deaths came out in the order that so many jews had died. Although this theory sounds unlikely there is a chance that this could occur due to the mass bombing and fighting in Europe. Some people believe that Hitler was the best friend Jews ever had although Hitler said this is his book ‘Mien kampf’ “…the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew.”. This disproves any theory that Hitler was a friend of The Jews. The fact that the Holocaust never happened has very little evidence in its favour.

I have actually been to Auschwitz and witnessed first hand the terrible conditions and treatment these people lived through. I have seen gas chambers and incinerators myself I know The Holocaust happened. Here is a series of pictures that I took to support that:

DSC_0048A sign signifying death if the perimeter is crossed.

DSC_0058Incinerators used to dispose of bodies.

DSC_0067-2Toliets for the masses.

DSC_0072The Nazis attempt to destroy a gas chamber to get rid of evidence.

DSC_0081  The view of the death camp through a window in the tower.

DSC_0069What remains of a gas chamber after the Nazis attempted to destroy it.

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