Research log (Chester)

For my interview I am going to interview an ex student of the University of Chester about their opinion on the support for students in the city and if there is enough general resources in the city such as art galleries and cinemas for students and the public to use.

I am conducting the interview as I am interested in joining Chester university once I have completed my college course. Im hoping this interview will give me an insight in to what to expect from the university and what Chester city is like to live in as a student.


1) Do you feel that when you were a student there was enough funding and interest from the city supporting the University?

2) When you were a student do you feel there was enough support towards the housing of students, whether it was you or people you knew who were students?

3) As a graduate and still living in Chester have you noticed a positive approach from Chester residents towards students of the university?

4) Do you feel Chester council do enough to support student housing?

5) How do you feel about Chester not having a Theatre and a Cinema?

6) If Chester had a cinema, art gallery and theatre how do you think it would benefit the city?

Secondary research

A student village has had to be reduced in size as over 100 residents living in the garden quarter have objected the project.

Shows the range of accommodation available to students of Chester university. This is important for my interview because it shows a positive and forward approach towards student accommodation.


A map of student accommodation in Chester.

Controversial plans go ahead to build new student accommodation.

Chester has plans for a theatre and cinema to be built.

Plans for a new 80 seat venue including an orchestral pit and rehearsal studios.

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