Comparing interview techniques

For this i am comparing Marc Silber’s interview with photographer, Chris Burkard to Piers Morgan’s interview with Cheryl Cole.

They both use very different techniques when conducting their interviews. Marc Silber is specifically trying to educate himself and the audience while interviewing his client. The atmosphere is very relaxed, they both sit on sofas. This will make the client feel like it is just an interview to give an insight rather than an interrogation style interview. Marc knows his interviews need to connect with the viewer, the viewers are usually watching to learn from these videos so he using a lot of leading questions that require an open answer you could learn from. An example of this is “Tell us about your style of photography and the work you like to do.” This has been tailer made for the client and the audience. People know who is getting interviewed so they watch the videos to learn about that persons style and techniques rather than other peoples. It allows Chris to reply with his own opinion, no words have been put in his mouth that could prompt a response in a certain desired way. The interview is published on youtube which allows Marc Silber to include an amount of pictures and visual aids that correspond with the interview. This is very much to engage the audience as the audience has come to learn and be inspired by photographs and words off the photographer Chris Burkard. These points can be supported by watching the video here:

The Piers Morgan interview has many differences with the Marc Silber interview. Piers conducts his interview for a popular TV channel in front of a studio audience. This is different to Marc Silbers relaxed studio technique as Cheryl is almost given no choice but to respond as she may feel like she is required to answer as she has an audience listening. This could add pressure so she feels required to answer rather than skip a question.  Piers asks “What kind of reaction did you think you would get tonight from the audience?” Although Cheryl’s answer might be 100% genuine you can’t help but feel like she felt pressure to answer in a positive note as the audience is sitting right by her. Although Piers doesn’t exactly interrogate Cheryl he asks her questions that she finds uncomfortable in order to inform the audience. When discussing her decision to send home an X Factor contestant she is clearly becoming upset but Piers continues to fire questions at her, this can be seen from 12 mins 30 secs up to 16 mins 30 secs. Piers’ questions are very much leading questions. They have been written to get the response the audience is looking for and to get a reaction out of Cheryl. Piers says “So she was judged solely on her singing ability as far as you’re concerted?” This question seems to fit in with what the audience wants, anyone that doubted her can find out the truth and those that supported her are further reinsured by her response. This is the video I used for the comparison:

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