Ideas and research

Online photography portfolios: A website designed for people to make online digital photography portfolios for their own work.

Price comparison: A price comparison for BMX parts and clothing. Help you find the cheapest.

Wave reports: Reports on wave heights and weather in certain areas. Allow users to share photos and videos of the surf spots. The website should also offer the service of cheap holidays to the destinations in question.

The idea I have gone with is to have online portfolios for photography work.

Primary research:

After analysing my survey that 10 people had taken I found information that will help me develop my idea.

9/10 people that took the survey were aged between 11 and 20.

10/10 people show an interest in photography, so this will be good for the development of my idea as there is an audience for it.

9\10 people want to display their photography in an online portfolio. This is important to my idea as my idea is developed around displaying work online for possible clients and employers.

9/10 people also said they would like to have a hard copy of their portfolio. This result is good for my research as it can allow me away of making money from my idea. It shows there is a market to sell a hard copy of their portfolio to.

I asked how many photographs people would like to display for their portfolio. It got a varied response: 4\10 want 10-15 photos, 3\10 want 15-20 photos, 2\10 want 20-30, 1/10 want 30-40 and 1/10 want 40-50. This result has made me decide that I will allow the user to choose between 10-30 photos.

10/10 people would like to be able to buy prints of there photographs with a choice of various sizes. This is  important from my idea as it gives me another means of making money from my idea.

On my survey I made a space for feedback. A response I got was an idea of having a forum to allow people to post their photos and receive feedback. I might develop from this and introduce a comment and a photo sharing section to the site.

Secondary research: 

There are many online sites that allow you to create an online photography portfolio. The difference between the already existing sites and how mine will be are separated through certain things. The sites that are already available to the public require a fee to create the portfolio. Some of them offer free trials but they are there just to give you the vision of how it would look and to tempt the user into buying the design. With my site I aim for it to be free for people to create and export their portfolio. The way I hope to create income from it differs from how the other sites operate. As other sites create income from charging a fee for the portfolio. I plan to create income from a number of services that these sites don’t offer. The user will be able to order their portfolio in a hard copy form with a choice of print quality, ranging in price as the print quality goes up. The user will also have the choice to purchase their image or images in a size of their choice, they also have the choice to get the picture or pictures framed, this will also be a charges service.

Here are some examples of sites that offer the service of an online portfolio but charge for it: You have to pay before using the service. This site offers a free trial then after that you have to pay. Charges you to create your portfolio.

Here are some sites that create enlarged prints of your images but dont offer the choice of a portfolio on the same site:

One of the main reasons I think this idea is needed is because of the demand off clients or employers of seeing a portfolio of your photography before giving you work. Having your portfolio online will make it much easier to connect with people as you could email your work t the employer or client. Also having a hard copy is also useful to show to clients and employers. Here are examples of this: This explains the process you can go through to try and get a job in photography. Having a portfolio of your work is a step. This job requires experience and to show that experience a portfolio is required. This job requires you to present them with a portfolio of your photography work. You are required to show your photography experience for this job, a portfolio would be a useful tool for showcasing your experience. Flickr is a site often used by photographers to display their work. The link shows the number of photos uploaded to flickr between 2011-2013. The high number of content shows that there is a lot of photos out there that people want to display and they could do that in a professional manner through my site.

As my site needs to generate an income I will be selling photographic prints and create portfolios. I will need to work out an average cost for this service to work out prices to charge in order for me to make a profit on Sales.

To create a large photo book of up to 120 pictures the price starts from £15.74 so in order to make a profit I will have to charge £20 per photo book. This is the site used for printing the books This site charges £24.95 for 24 pages in a large book, then plus £0.65 for any extra pages. If I was to use this company as a supplier I would have to charge at least £30 to profit from creating them so this site might not work best with my idea as people might not want to part with that much money. This site charges £40 for a large photo book of 20 pages so it would be unrealistic to try and use them as a supplier for my idea as the price I would have to charge would be to much compared to the competitors.

For my service I want the customers to be able to order prints in a choice of sizes to give them freedom of what they want.

Here is a price list with various sizes and printing style from this site:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.09.16Here are the prices on this site:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 10.17.12

Domain name for website:

Happysnapping – and .com are taken but is available which would be good for my site as I want it to be UK based.

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.50.25My web design created in photoshop:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 10.38.52


Here is my finished website which I created on Adobe Dream weaver.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 12.03.48


Class feedback:

good USP (unique selling point) as it enables people to have a hard copy of their work as well as a digital copy. Its almost like bringing back photography to how it use to be by having a hard copy of our work.

Good clean look. Its good as it appeals to photographers looking for employment and the public who would just like prints.

I need to consider copy right laws when publishing photos.

9/19 in my class said the would use the site.

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