Research log

I have chosen to do my article on Capitalism and the effects of it.

The client is channel 4 so I have to decide which area of channel 4 I will present my article to. There is Channel 4, E4, More 4, 4seven and film4. I feel my topic is more suitable for the channel 4 audience as that channel is known for exposing the truth on situations and being controversial in that process. The other branches of channel for are more well known for programme genres such as property programmes and reality TV shows.

Channel 4 is known for showing programmes that show people what is really happening in the world, they are usually topics that are no looked at by the mainstream media or sometimes only slightly looked at by the media. Here are some examples of channel 4 doing this: Bedlam is a programme that shows the hidden sides to a mental institute and exposes to people what the patients and staff go through. This programme is about a war photographer that is now a triple amputee because he stepped on an IED while working in Afghanistan. It shows a different side to war that people aren’t always aware of. It shows scenes of suffering due to the implications of war.

I had a review meeting with my tutor to address points that I needed to change about my work. I was told to gather primary research which I then did by conducting a survey. I was told to gather evidence to support the ideas and opinions I had included in my work to make them valid and supported points. He said my article was to opinion based so I re read my article and changed the perspective I gave to make it supported with evidence rather than just opinion.

Headline ideas

If you think you’re free, try going somewhere without money.

Are we really equal?

There is no planet B

Equality doesn’t exist!

The constant rush for money.

Does your health depend on it?

Are we pets to the upper-class?

Are we being exploited?

what I plan to write about:

A basic overview of what Capitalism is, how your future and health lies in the hands of money, mankind’s constant rush to sacrifice health in order to get money, is there an alternative to capitalism?

What is capitalism?

an economic and political system in which a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. (A dictionary description) Gives a balance view as its a forum so allows all forms to comment on it.

Independent 'I' article for Ben I like the example used in this article out of the ‘I’ newspaper on how capitalism allows progression where as other systems such as communism don’t progress at the same rate.

Is there an alternative to capitalism? And does capitalism encourage businesses to exploit people in order to maximise profits?

Gives a very balanced view about if we are being exploited by the system and if there is an alternative. Although the video makes out like the system is fair and everyone has equally rights I believe the general public are the ones being exploited in order to maximise their profits and production rate.

This shows how that is done. Companies sacrifice the health of their consumers in order to maximise their profit.

The affects Saccharin can have on your body. Links to bladder problems.

This shows the statement released by Monsanto about the link between saccharin and health problems.

Research on an alliterative to capitalism (Socialism)

Shows the positives to Socialism.

makes points about how Socialism is better than Capitalism.

This interview with Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman talks about the current system we live in and the benefits and disadvantages of it. Russell talks about a possible alternative system where corporations are heavily tasked thus meaning lower taxes to the general public and how that could bring about a boost in the economy.

General research Facts about the use of fossil fuels. Shows statistics on the number of homeless people living in the UK. (number of people sleeping rough in one night)

Number of second homes left vacant in England.

UK poverty stats (1 in 5 people in poverty)

Food bank stats.

Suicides in Chinese Apple factory.

Primary research

I conducted a short questionnaire on six people to highlight if they were aware of the health risks behind artificial additives such as saccharin. Here is the link to my questionnaire:

Pictures I could use








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